Veteran to Veteran Program

Veterans working with Veterans mentoring, inspiring, and guiding service members throughout the recovery process and beyond.

Veteran to Veteran - Maine 2016

How we assist with Veteran to Veteran

V2V is successful because veterans know best how to help other veterans develop the knowledge and skills needed in transitioning to a productive civilian life. Semper Fi Fund Veteran Leads work closely with case managers, the Veterans Integrated Services Network and VA healthcare providers to provide a motivational and personal approach to helping service members.

Veteran to Veteran in Action

Program Highlight

Veteran to Veteran Program

“What makes the V2V program so effective is having someone that’s kind of been there, done that, I can relate to a lot of what these guys and gals have been through. Being able to say I was there, having to go to the VA for my appointments, all the rest — it’s just something that someone that’s never done it doesn’t really know.”

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Veteran to Veteran Program