Alpha Battery 1/14 Unit Reunion

Our “5 Ws” SITREP:

Who: USMC, 1st Battalion, 14th Marine Regiment, Alpha Battery (Task Force MP 1 MEF)

What: Ten year reunion

Where: Granby, CO

When: November 10-12

Why: The Battery was deployed over 10 years ago. This event will bring the platoons together to facilitate: camaraderie, esprit de corps, and most importantly spending time with our brothers in support of eachother and remembering the ones who we’ve lost. Throughout the years the Marines have occasionally met up, but nothing has been organized in this breadth. Others have annually visited Blazier’s resting site and maintained a relationship with Blazier’s family. But the majority has not had the financial means or ability to make these things happen. Furthermore, this event will finally allow the members of the the battery to share stories with each other, build bonds and friendships, and keep the memories alive.

Reunion Details

Alpha Battery 1/14 a Colorado reserve unit who deployed together to OIF – Fallujah and Ramadi – reunited in Granby, CO at the C Lazy U Ranch over Veteran’s Day weekend. Approximately 3/4 of the unit live around the Colorado area and 1/4 live out of state now.

Greg Boyle,veteran lead, and Meredith Peterson, case manager, spoke on Friday night about the Semper Fi Fund and V2V program and it was followed by a Birthday Ceremony to celebrate the 242nd Marine Corps Birthday. Service Members participated in the ceremony and the C Lazy U Ranch staff provided a birthday cake baked by their Baker who was also a Marine.

Group activities on both Friday afternoon and Saturday included archery, horseback riding, trap shooting, hatchet throwing and hiking. One of the Marines uncle, COL John Skelley, USMC Retired, spoke at the dinner on Saturday night about the importance of their continued service as well as maintaining their connections to one another.

The unit reunion was a success with the group talking about their times together and creating new memories. They were able to reinforce their sense of community and brotherhood while also experiencing group healing after the difficulty of their deployment together.

Remember the importance of staying connected to one another. If you need assistance connecting to Alpha Battery 1/14 or other resources, please contact

Learn more about Semper Fi Fund’s involvement in offering unit reunions as a way to facilitate healing. We make recovery and growth the unit’s next mission.