Unit Reunions

By reconnecting our warriors to their brothers and sisters in arms, we help speed healing through a renewal of the warrior spirit.

What is a Unit Reunion?

The Semper Fi Fund Unit Reunion program provides a multi-day outdoor experience to service members of a unit that deployed together in support of OIF/OEF. We focus our support at the company level. At this level, we are able to gather small units that have experienced the crucible of combat together to reconnect, remember and recover together. Semper Fi Fund Unit Reunions make recovery and growth the unit’s next mission. While our model is focused on small unit gatherings our Reunion staff stands ready to provide tailored support to meet specific needs or achieve a unique vision of the unit.

Ready to plan a Unit Reunion?

For information on planning a reunion for units based west of the Mississippi River, contact Meredith Peterson at meredith.peterson@semperfifund.org.

For units based east of the Mississippi River, contact beth.cooling@semperfifund.org.

Successful Reunion Story

Successful Unit Reunions

Our unit reunions, held in a variety of locations, bring service members together from all over the United States to reconnect, remember and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities.

View our past Unit Reunions to see how these special events come together.

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