Semper Fi Fund Apprenticeship Program

Establishing mentoring relationships with leading industry experts provides a powerful and productive way for service members to reintegrate into the community. This program assists service members with a 70% or greater disability rating find meaningful trades, careers and small business opportunities through short-term vocational education and apprenticeships.

How It Works

Semper Fi Fund’s staff works directly with motivated service members to assess readiness, personal strengths and professional interests; if a good match exists to the trades and careers offered, Apprenticeship Program staff help participants develop training/education plans, timelines and goals. This may include vocational training, community college, and/or a series of workshops.

Once training is complete, staff will then help service members find apprenticeship opportunities and help establish mentoring relationships with leading industry experts.

Frequently Asked Questions
Diana, Lillie Pad Creations

Apprenticeship Program Highlight

Diana joined the Army in 1995 and served a year of her contract before going into the Individual Ready Reserves until 2003, when she felt the need to go back into the Army to fulfill her duty to her country after the September 11, 2001 attacks on our nation. Shortly after, Diana deployed to Iraq.  After a year overseas, Diana and her fellow soldiers returned stateside where she continued her career as a high school english teacher.  

Soon after returning home, Diana explains, “I spent a lot of years in denial that I had any sort of problems resulting from my time in Iraq.  It wasn’t until 2010 after I lost my job, and couldn’t seem to keep any others that I decided I needed to get some help.  I turned to the VA and began counseling. I was found to be 100% unemployable due to PTSD with a major depressive disorder.”

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