Team Semper Fi

Made up of more than 1,700 service members who qualify for our assistance, these athletes are the heart and inspiration of the Peter Murphy Semper Fi Fund Sports Program, named after Peter Murphy, SFF Board member and Counsel to the Commandant from 1984-2004.

Inspiration and Drive

The idea for the Semper Fi Fund's Sports Program was inspired by those wounded service members, with both visible and invisible wounds, who refused to let their challenges prevent them from competing in athletic events, and whose drive and determination was inspirational to us all.

Overcoming Challenges

The team is made up of servicemen and women who have overcome significant challenges in their service to our country and have embraced the fighting, athletic spirit on their road to recovery. Service members dealing with life changing injuries, traumatic brain injury, post traumatic stress or critical illness are encouraged to join Semper Fi Fund's sports program. They are an inspiration to us all but, more importantly, they are an inspiration to their fellow service members who are also traveling down the road to recovery.