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Designed to help our nation’s youngest heroes understand and cope with their feelings in a positive, safe environment as they experience ‘growth through adventure.’

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Primary Support to Fight Secondary PTSD

More than two million American children have had a parent deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan. Hundreds of thousands have had a parent wounded in action. Children of wounded, critically ill and injured Service members face serious adversity, often leading to “secondary PTSD,” with symptoms including hypervigilance, dissociation, irritability, and behavioral outbursts. We believe they should not have to face these challenges on their own.

The Semper Fi Fund Kids Camp provides at-risk children with a one-week camping experience to help them gain confidence, build skills to increase resiliency and forge meaningful relationships with peers in similar circumstances. 

Our Kids Camps Mentor Program provides an extended support network. Throughout the camp week, campers and mentors participate in activities that teach coping and leadership skills. Canoeing, caving, wall climbing, and a high ropes course are just a few of the activities that enable these children to experience success not only as individuals, but as part of a team.

Mentors remain in contact with their camper throughout the year, attending quarterly events hosted by Semper Fi Fund, as well as staying in contact via phone and text so the mentor can provide ongoing support and guidance.

Kids Camp - two campers posing for the camera

In the words of a camper:  "My years here have shown me what I can do with my life. I know that I can achieve any goal that I set. I can’t wait to become a mentor so that I can inspire kids the way my mentor has inspired me!"

Kids Camp group photo