Caregiver Support & Retreats

Caregivers take on a wide variety of roles critical to the recovery process: nurse, aide, psychologist, physical therapist, homemaker, cook, healthcare advocate and so much more. We understand the challenging and stressful nature of what caregivers do all day, every day. 

Brandon Dodson in the hospital

How we assist with Caregiver Support & Retreats

Semper Fi Fund’s Caregiver Support Program encompasses a variety of activities designed to assist the spouses, parents, siblings, extended family members and close friends who drop everything to care for a catastrophically wounded, critically ill or injured Service member.

Caregiver Retreats in Action

Changing Lives with Caregiver Support

5 Questions for Caregiver Aimee:

“We have been so very blessed to have Semper Fi Fund as a part of our life.”

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5 Questions for Caregiver Aimee: