Veterans Day: A salute to those who safeguard liberty

Hot Air | by Ed Marrissey | November 11, 216 at 2:01 PM | Link to Article

On Tuesday, we exercised our rights as citizens to choose those who would govern us. Today, we honor those who have safeguarded that liberty. We have one veteran in the Hot Air family, Jazz Shaw, who served in the Navy in the late 1970s. In my family, we have a number of veterans who all have different points of view on politics and culture, but all of whom come together in love of country.

My father-in-law, who passed in 1992, remained a proud Marine from the moment he put on the uniform in World War II until his death. My father served in the Army in the Korean War. My uncles served in peacetime and in conflict; several of my first cousins, and now their grown children, have also done so. We are honored and humbled by their service. The same is true for our readers, many of whom are veterans, both combat and peacetime.

Earlier this morning, our colleague and friend Hugh Hewitt dedicated his entire show to helping veterans through the Semper Fi Fund:

The program on Veterans’ Day is devoted to men and women assisted by the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund and its sister fund America’s Fund.  Together these two funds have raised and conversed more than $186 million in the recoveries of more than 17,500 Marines and soldiers, sailors and airmen.  There’s no better way to salute veterans than by helping the organization that –with the highest ratings in the charity watch world, 6% overhead, supervision by a board of general officers, spouses and former commandants, and a hatred of red tape, helps our wounded warriors back to full lives and complete recoveries.

Charity Navigator gives the Semper Fi Fund its highest rating of four stars, and it scores 100% on accountability and transparency. Those who donate to it can have confidence that the money actually goes directly to assisting our veterans of all the services. Plus, any donations made today will get matched by the Bob and Renee Parsons/Go Daddy Foundation, so we can double the impact we have by acting now.

For all of us at Hot Air, thank you for all you have done for us.