Updates on LtCol. Rob Scott’s 292 Miles for Marines

292 MILES FOR MARINES UPDATE for October 4, 2010


Team 292,


I hope that this note finds all well and in great spirits.


I wanted to take this opportunity to update you on where we stand with a
month to go. Through your efforts we have raised awareness in support of the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund (IMSFF) for our Wounded Warriors, to date we have raised $6,249.00, and we have some pledges waiting in the wings.

I want to give a special “Shout Out” to Derk and Andrea Hinsey. Derk is the proud owner of Bad Dad in Fort Wayne, IN. Derk and Andrea are also educators in their community and Andrea is the Dean of the Business School. Please check out www.baddad.com because they have added The Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund to their web page! Derk custom paints motorcycles, makes his own aftermarket motorcycle parts for in-house use as well as for public sales. Bad Dad’s products are known for their great design and superior level of quality construction.


Last note, complete the Half Full Triathlon yesterday in Ellicot City, MD. It is a 70 mile triathlon or half ironman distance. Total Time to complete it was 06:24:15.763. It was by far the most challenging endurance even I have participated in a long time. I guess I am getting soft working in the HQs! I was fortunate to race with my good friend Jason Crum and he helped me get through the day. The race course is hilly (both bike and run) and the warmest part of the day was the swim because air temp was about 50 degrees Fahrenheit and water temp was 68.5 when we started. Thankfully the rain held off until the late afternoon after we had completed the race. All in all a great event to particiapte in for the Fund.


We are almost at the end of our fundraising horizon with the Marine Corps Marathon to go in less that four weeks. Please keep spreading the word and know that you make an incredible difference in the lives of so many. Please drop me a not if you get a chance.


Thank you and Semper Fidelis,

Semper Fidelis,
Rob Scott
(808) 554-8998


292 MILES FOR MARINES UPDATE for September 12, 2010


I hope all is well and that this note finds you in great spirits. Well, we are through the Nation’s Triathlon this past Sunday. As usual with all Marine events it rained. The weather, rain and electrical “activity”, resulted in the start being delayed by 30 minutes. Eventually the race got underway and I entered the water at 0822. It was a good day for us and I eventually finished in 2:49:49.


This now leaves me with two major races to go in the next seven weeks. Next up is the “Half Full Tri” which is a 70.0 mile distance event on 03OCT10. After that we are on to the Marine Corp Marathon on Sunday, 31OCT10. To date our Total Donations Collected is $6,034.00 and I am extremely grateful and blessed by your support. Please continue to pass the link below along to your friends and family and share information on the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund.


Final piece of info and the most important….IMSFF has a revamped their website. The new address is www.semperfifund.org. Please visit it when you get the chance and pass it along as well. Please drop me a note when able and let me know how you are doing.


Thank you for all you do.

Semper Fidelis,


292 MILES FOR MARINES UPDATE for August 21, 2010


I was able to participate in a metric century today in the midst of some rain storms. The rain clouds broke the humidity and it turned out to be a nice day for a ride. In other news, I checked our fundraising page and we are at 19% of the goal!

Semper Fi Fund Event - Lt Col Rob Scott "292 Miles for Marines"
Semper Fi Fund Event – Lt Col Rob Scott “292 Miles for Marines”

Thank you for all of your help in spreading the word, raising awareness for the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund, and fundraising. We are making progress and will keep at it through the Marine Corps Marathon on 31OCT10.

Again, thank you and God bless.
Semper Fidelis,


292 MILES FOR MARINES UPDATE for August 18, 2010



I hope all is well and that this note finds you in great spirits. I wanted to update you on a couple of things before the Cycling Century this weekend. As far as events go we now begin the long distance endurance events. It will be fun to accomplish them while raising awareness, funds, and support for the Injured Marine
Semper Fi Fund.


Things at work are moving along and a great deal of work is being done to determine how to provide support to Pakistan and not impact other operations. We have a great opportunity to make a difference in Pakistan which will help our efforts in Afghanistan.


Now for the couple of things for the Team:

1) Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund has a new website. Please visit it at: www.semperfifund.org (Please visit it when you get a chance)

2) The IMSFF July Newsletter is out. I have attached it for you.

Your support is critical in these times. Recently the Marine Corps reached 185 Killed in Action and 2,029 Wounded in Action in Afghanistan. This brings the combined total between OIF and OEF to 1,031 Killed in Action and 10,655 Wounded in Action. Please continue to pass the word along and raising awareness for the efforts of the


Thank you for your continued efforts. I will write you a note after the century this Saturday and let you know how it went. I am humbled to be a part of this effort with you.


Semper Fidelis,


292 MILES FOR MARINES UPDATE for August 1, 2010



Thank you for your support. I completed a triathlon today. 3.5 mile run, 15 mile bike, and .5 mile swim in 1:52. It was a nice day here in the Northern VA area.


Please continue your efforts in support of the Semper Fi Fund. They are more important today than at any other
time in this conflict. Casualties are high in Afghanistan and our Marines and their Devil Docs account for 42% of them in country. Many of those are due to IEDs and you know the catastrophic result from them.


Please keep the faith and know that your efforts and generous support are a key element of support to a Marine, Sailor, and their families.


We are now have 90 days to go until the end of this fundraising effort. I appreciate all of your efforts and am extremely humbled by the selflessness that each and every one you exhibits.


Semper Fidelis,



Ladies & Gentlemen,


Thank you for all that you do on behalf of our wounded and injured.


Tough month in Afghanistan for everyone. However, Marines and their Devil Docs continue to make significant progress.


Again, thank you.

Semper Fidelis,


292 MILES FOR MARINES SITREP – UPDATE for June 7th, 2010


Ladies & Gentlemen,


I pray that this note finds you well and in great spirits. Things here in DC are moving along and the heat and humidity have arrived. I completed the Reston Sprint Triathlon yesterday in 1:18:11 and finished 147/457 (overall male).  It was very well organized race; I recommend it to anyone looking to participate in a sprint triathlon in NOVA.


As of today we have raised $4,254.00 and are 14% of the way to our goal. I can tell you first hand, from reading the personnel casualty reports, that your effort will have a tremendous impact in the life of a wounded Warrior and his/her family. Marines and their Devil Docs are leading the way in Helmand Province and have set the conditions necessary for the next phase of operations to commence in Kandahar. America should be very proud of their sacrifice.


I have pasted an E-mail below that I received last Friday. It is addressed to me but it is our group that it was meant for. Please keep working as hard as you have. Your efforts are making the meaningful and measurable difference in the lives of our Warriors and their families. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Semper Fidelis,


292 MILES FOR MARINES UPDATE for May 23, 2010

My Friends,


I pray that this note finds you well and in great spirits. I wanted to pass along an update that was forwarded to me by Ms Karen Guenther from the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund. I was remiss in my earlier E-mail and sent out the wrong attachment. The attachment I sent was the possibility package. I meant to send an update on the actions that your support enables for our Wounded Warriors and their loved ones.


Karen sent me Team Semper Fi’s (TSF) update and I am forwarding it along. The pictures are incredible. The update is titled “Team Semper Fi – “Recovery Through Sport” and covers the following”


  • TSF Overview and Update
  • Recent Events
  • Thank You Notes
  • Upcoming Events

In addition to the support IMSFF provides to help families and our wounded warriors it also provides assistance to our Wounded Warriors in other areas. One of those areas is athletics. Through your generosity Team Semper Fi is in its 5th season of training and competition.


Latest statistics:


  • In the last 3 months TSF has gained 37 members; 145 Wounded Service Members are active on team.
  • Team participation is up by 50% from last year.
  • TSF has completed 3 events to date in Calendar Year.
  • TSF has an increase in biking at both Camp Lejeune and Camp Pendleton.

Please read/view the attachment and try to get out to one of the events on the final sheet.


Recently, our wounded Marines compete against the Army, Navy, and Air Force competition at the 1st  Warrior Games at  Olympic Training Center— in Colorado Springs. Below are three links with information on the Warrior Games. The first is an interview with our own TSF members Michael Blair and Bradley Walker. The next is a Special Report: Warrior Games   And finally, Warrior Games on Facebook.


Last but not least we are at 12% of our goal. The next event is the Reston Sprint Triathlon on Sunday, June 6th.

Thank you for all of your help, generosity, and support. Please keep working to get the word out about the Injured Marines, the Semper Fi Fund and 292 Miles For Marines.


Semper Fidelis,



292 MILES FOR MARINES UPDATE for May 3, 2010


Ladies & Gentlemen,


Thank you for helping us get off to a great start in this year’s effort to raise awareness and funds for the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund (IMSFF) on behalf or our Marines and Sailors. I wanted to pass several things along to you and ask that you bear with me.


The first is a check donation form for those that want to send a check. Please send it to me and I will forward it to the Fund and ensure that you receive a receipt for your taxes, as well as record it on the 292 MILES FOR MARINES site. My address is:


9705 Rhapsody Dr
Vienna, VA 22181


Second, I have attached the Spring ’10 Team Semper Fi update.  Please read it and get a sense for the accomplishments from this outstanding effort. As you can see your efforts enable the team’s mission of spreading hope and inspiration to those who need it most.


Next is a link to the American Institute of Philathrophy (AIP) Guide:

As you know the The Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund received an A+! AIP is one of the toughest nonprofit watchdog groups and an A+ highlights to the public the Fund’s effectiveness and efficiency of operations.


Finally, IMSFF celebrate’s its 6th Anniversary on May 17th, less than a month away and I wanted to share some new statistics on IMSFF activities:


  • Active Duty cases are up 29% this quarter due to the recent injuries from Afghanistan
  • Assisted Sailors with over $3.2 million and the Soldiers with over $1.2 million
  • Since inception, IMSFF has given out 19,300 grants totaling over $38 million
  • Provided assistance to more than 4200 service members  and their families
  • Overhead continues to be less than 7%;  with 93% of spending going directly to the mission of serving our wounded and their families!

Again, thank you for your continued support and generosity. See you on the objective and may you have Fair Winds & Following Seas in all of your endeavors.


Semper Fidelis,



PLEASE HELP – 292 MILES FOR MARINES IN 2010 – April 17, 2010


Friends & Family,

I come to you on bended knee for a third and final time to ask your support in raising funds and awareness on behalf of the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund (IMSFF) during 2009.  As you know, our efforts are critical and help support the 1,225 Marines Wounded In Action in Afghanistan and 8,624 Marines Wounded In Action in Iraq.


As a result of an increase in combat operations in Afghanistan during the past 18 months, the IMSFF’s workload has increased significantly. At the same time, donations are down due to the tough economic times our nation is going through. It is a great time for everyone to spread the word to family, friends, church groups, etc., let them all know that the battles in Afghanistan are bringing more wounded.


This will probably be my last opportunity to fundraise and raise awareness because I hope to deploy by late next summer.

To do my part this year, I will participate in seven races and cover 292+ miles in order to support the IMSFF efforts.


The list of events is the following:

  • 4/17 Rumpass in Bumpass (Completed International Distance Triathlon in Bumpass, VA)
  • 6/6   Reston Sprint Triathlon
  • 8/1   Culpeper Sprint (VTS)
  • 8/22 Reston Century
  • 9/12 Nation’s Triathlon (International)
  • 10/3 Half Full Triathlon (70.0 miles)
  • 10/9 Sea Gull Century
  • 10/31 MC Marathon

Here are a few new stats on IMSFF activities:


  • Injured MarinedSemper Fi Fund received A+ Rating from the American Institute of Philanthropy.
  • Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established to provide financial aid and quality of life solutions to:
  • Marines and Sailors as well as members of the Army, Air Force and Coast Guard who have served in support of Marine forces, when they become injured in post 9-11 combat or training operations, or are diagnosed with a life threatening illness, and their families.
  • Help defray the expenses incurred during hospitalization, rehabilitation and recovery.
  • Established in May 2004, the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund has provided over 18,300 grants totaling $37 million in assistance.
  • IMSFF administrative and fundraising costs average 7%, well below the national average, and IMSFF fundraising expenses average just 2 cents per dollar raised.

As always, thank you very much for your continued support and efforts in raising funds and awareness on behalf of our wounded warriors and those that are critically ill.


I hope to hear from you soon and pray that you always have fair winds and following seas.


Semper Fidelis,