Two local veterans receive trucks as part of nationwide program

WKOW | by Caissa Casarez | Nov 11, 2016 8:21 PM EST | Link to Article and Video

MADISON (WKOW) – Two veterans in the Madison area have been given new cars as part of a nationwide program that helps give back to local communities.

Brandon Bruce of Argyle and Jake Janes of Evansville both served in the United States Marine Corps. They are both recipients of the Purple Heart, among other medals.

The two veterans received new vehicles as part of the “Recycled Rides” program in Madison on Friday.

American Family Insurance and Gates Collision Centers worked with the Semper Fi Fund on the project.

Bruce says he’s honored for the recognition.

“You put your life on the line for your country and you let them know that you’re willing to die for the best country in the world,” said Bruce, a veteran of the USMC. “So I wouldn’t change it for nothing.”

The Recycled Rides program is a nationwide effort to renovate cars once considered a total loss and give them to local communities, including local veterans.