SFF announces Tim & Sandy Day Canine Companions project to assist our Heroes

In keeping with our history of helping wounded service members and their families live fulfilling lives, the Semper Fi Fund has developed the Tim & Sandy Day Canine Companions project, thanks to support from the Timothy T. Day Foundation.

Grants from the project will not only unite injured service members with service dogs, but they will also ensure the dogs are properly trained and continually cared for despite the financial difficulties that often arise while an injured service member is transitioning back to civilian life and dealing with physical rehabilitation.

Semper Fi Fund hero Gabe Martinez with Wonka
Gabe and Wonka

Assistance from the Tim & Sandy Day Canine Companion project is already helping our Heroes. Just recently, Cpl Gabe Martinez and his service dog, Wonka benefited from the program.

Gabe, a double amputee, knows the difficulties of walking on prosthetic legs. He sometimes has trouble bending down to pick things up. That is where Wonka comes in.

Wonka can pick things up when Gabe is walking and open doors when Gabe is in his wheelchair. (He can even fetch a drink from the refrigerator!)

Wonka practicing his delivery skills
Wonka practicing his delivery skills

Unfortunately, Wonka became ill due to something that he had ingested. Thanks to the Tim & Sandy Day Canine Companions project, the Semper Fi Fund was able to take care of his veterinary expenses and dog food. Wonka quickly returned to good health and went back to assisting Gabe, who says he “feels blessed” to have a friend like Wonka in his life.

The Semper Fi Fund wishes to thank the Timothy T. Day Foundation for their support and commitment to Heroes like Gabe and Wonka. Many Heroes will benefit from your generous support