Team Semper Fi members visit the Landstuhl Hospital in Germany

Recently, several members of Team Semper Fi traveled with our CEO, President, and Founder, Karen Guenther, to the Landstuhl Hospital in Germany. It was a powerful and emotional trip, as the service members reunited with the medical technicians who helped them through the initial stages of their survival and recovery.

The Semper Fi Fund is proud to share some special moments from the amazing visit:

SSgt Guillermo Tejada (high double amputee) was all smiles when the medical technician walked through the door and recognized him. She took care of him two years ago when he came through Landstuhl after being injured. Guillermo was glad to have the rare opportunity to thank his medical technician directly for helping him get through the most important hours of his recovery.
injured service member, Guillermo Tejada

LCpl Brandon Pelletier (right arm paralyzed, limb salvage) was ecstatic when he found out about this opportunity to visit with the caregivers who tended to him while he was a patient in Landstuhl. Brandon's fondest memory from his time at Landstuhl in 2007 is of a visitor who came by and asked him if there was anything that he wanted. Brandon responded by saying that he would really like a cinnamon pop tart. Soon after, tears came to Brandon's eyes when he smelled the aroma of warm cinnamon as the visitor approached his room.

The first chance Brandon got during this visit to the hospital in Landstuhl, he asked a new patient if there was anything he wanted, to which the recently injured man replied that he would really love a caramel frappacino. Brandon was glad and grateful for the opportunity to pay it forward by bringing the patient his caramel frappacino.

Brandon was injured on October 17th 2007. He spent the 5th anniversary of his “alive day” this year at the very hospital that he was originally taken to after his injury. For Brandon, it was an amazing and humbling experience that he will not forget.
Brandon Pelletier and Army Captain

Army Chief Warrant Officer (WO1) Anthony Radetic (paralyzed) bonded with another Blackhawk pilot who works as a nurse at the Landstuhl Hospital in Germany. Anthony is on Team USA with the Paralympic Ski Team! He served ten years in the Army prior to his injury, and is currently an honorary mentor on Team Semper Fi, inspiring new patients for a greater future.
Anthony Radetic and his Nurse

Special thanks to all of the amazing men and women at the hospital in Landstuhl for opening your arms for our visit, and for caring for our nation's brave service members in their hour of need!
Commanding Officer and Team Semper Fi