007 8th Annual Black Tie

By order of Her Majesty’s Secret Service, you are hereby invited to attend a festive evening with glamour, elegance, and intrigue for a 007 Charity Black Tie event with World Leaders, VIPs, Heroes, and International secret agents. This auspicious gala will celebrate the demise of SPECTRE’s nefarious plans to control the global surveillance intelligence. We are proud to honor POWs and our military heroes from WWII to Gulf Wars, who will receive MD and VA Governor’s Appreciation Citation. Beneficiary: SemperFiFund.org.

006pm- VIP Champagne Reception
007pm to Midnight – Main Event

♠︎ VIPs-Generals, NFL Champions, MD&VA Governor’s Office
♥︎ POW & Military Heroes’ Ceremony
♣︎ Aston Martin 1963 DB4
♦︎ Q’s Exotic & Classic Car Competition
♠︎ “Octopussy” BD-5J Plane model
♥︎ “Goldfinger” Martini Bar* Cocktails
♣︎ Cigars Smoking Lounge
♦︎ Heavy Bond-Theme hors d’oeuvres
♠︎ Bond look-alike* Villains* Bond Girls
♥︎ Luxe Lifestyle Silent Auction
♣︎ Music * Dancing
♦︎ Casino: Baccarat * Roulette * Black Jack * Poker

Please visit the 007 Benefit LTD website or Facebook page for more event information, or purchase your Gala tickets here.
Event Postcard