Sussex’s Power Test donates $50K to Semper Fi Fund

Northwest Now | 1:25 p.m. CDT September 29, 2016 | Link to Article

Village of Sussex – Power Test will donate $50,000, its largest donation to the Semper Fi Fund to date, on Friday Sept 30.

Peter Studer, marketing strategist for Power Test, said the company has had a working relationship with the U.S. military and other armed services consistently for 40 years.

“Power Test has made an effort to hire military veterans because aside from the fact that they’ve served our country, it’s important to honor and take care of them after the fact,” Studer said. “The skill set that they bring to the workplace has been hugely beneficial for our company. Semper Fi Fund is a lot more in-depth with veterans than anything we do here, but being able to make the donation like the one we’re making is another small contribution that we can make towards the veterans.”

While Studer said he is not certain exactly how the donation will be used, he’s sure it will align with the Semper Fi Fund’s mission.

“Their entire mission is taking injured veterans and rehabilitating them back into a normal lifestyle,” Studer said. “The gentleman who we’re going to have on hand tomorrow, B.J. Ganem, who is now with the Semper Fi Fund, lost a leg in Iraq in the mid 2000’s.

Ganem, now a senior manager with the Semper Fi Fund, moved back to Madison after serving in the military. SFF helped Ganem and his family modify his home so he could easily navigate it.

“They allowed him and his family some assistance while he tried to rehabilitate himself and get back into the workplace, and that’s kind of the work they to around the country is making that transition easier, where services from the federal government sometimes fall short,” Studer said.