Thanks for Supporting the Semper Fi Fund at the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM)

Special thanks to all supporters who came out for the 37th Marine Corps Marathon to cheer on our Team Semper Fi, and thanks to all of our runners who raised awareness and love for our crucial mission!

Check out what happened over the MCM weekend:
Race Day, October 28th:
MCM starting line
Josh Sharpe TSF
Team Semper Fi member at MCM

Marine Corps Marathon Pasta Dinner, October 27th:
MCM pasta dinner

The Team Semper Fi dinner at 8th and I on Friday, October 26th gave the team a chance to enjoy good food and great camaraderie before the big weekend:
Team Semper Fi at 8th and I
Team Semper Fi Dinner at 8th and I
Team Semper Fi Dinner at 8th and I
Team Semper Fi members
Team Semper Fi Dinner at 8th and I
Team Semper Fi Dinner at 8th and I
TEAM SEMPER FI: Recovery Through Sport
Team Semper Fi (TSF) is the heart and inspiration of the Semper Fi Fund's rehabilitative Athletic Program, made up of more than 400 service members. The idea for Team Semper Fi was inspired by those wounded Marines and Sailors who refused to let their challenges prevent them from competing in athletic events, and whose drive and determination was inspirational to us all. The team is made up of service men and women who have overcome significant challenges in their service to our country, and who have embraced the fighting, athletic spirit on their roads to recovery. They are an inspiration to us all but, more importantly, they are an inspiration to their fellow service members who are also traveling down their own roads to recovery.

Over the past couple of months, members of Semper Fi Fund's Team have been raising support and awareness for our injured and critically ill service members and their families. Their goal for 2012 is to raise over $750,000 for our vital mission, and to date they have raised over $679,000. You can still help our team meet their goal!


Team Semper Fi member Corey Peterson wrote a great article for runners in training to help them prepare for this year's race. Download the article to read Corey's advice and keep it in mind for next year's Marine Corps Marathon.


Thank you again to all of our runners and supporters for a great MCM weekend!

Semper Fi Fund team at MCM expo
Semper Fi Fund booth at the MCM Expo.

For more information about the race, please check out the Marine Corps Marathon event page.