Start-Up Re-Up Energy Drink Makes First Donation To Marines’ Semper Fi Fund

Bev Net News | | May 9, 2012

Novato, CA (May 8, 2012) — Re-Up, a low-caffeine, high-vitamin energy drink by the Patriot Beverage Co. in Novato, CA made its first donation from quarterly sales to the Marine Corp’s Semper Fi Fund. Re-Up CEO Michael Spearman gave Semper Fi $2,000 on Monday, May 7th and promised “a lot more where that came from. Hopefully.” The Semper Fi Fund has assisted more than 7,300 service members and their families since its inception, May, 2004. More than 40,000 grants have been issued for more than $60 million.

“It was our intention from day one that this product would be first of all intended for the military and secondly, that a percentage of all sales would assist those who have been wounded in action,” said Spearman, 42, a U.S. Marine from 1986-’88.

Re-Up was unveiled at Camp Pendleton in San Diego County in December, 2011, and is now available in every Marine and Navy installation in California and at several sites in Arizona.

“It is our goal to be on every military base in the United States within two years,” Spearman said. “And the charity component will always be part of our mission.”

Though the beverage is not available in any civilian stores, it is expected to be available by the case online by the end of summer.

The SFF received an “A+” rating from the American Institute of Philantrophy and a “four star charity” rating from Charity Navigator.

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