Each donation, large or small, is an opportunity for our service members and their families to get back into the game of life. 

Donate Now to create a better world for veterans by providing the resources they need to return home and rebuild their lives. Until December 31st, your donation will be matched for double the impact!

1. Provide Comfort and Help to the Families of Wounded, Ill and Injured Veterans.

A $25 donation brings comfort and hope to the of children wounded veterans.

When families rush to the bedside with just the essentials, Semper Fi Fund is there to help. A long hospitalization or rehabilitation creates financial stress for families and may require additional childcare. We remove the burden of financial worries so our service members and their families can focus on the recovery process.

See all the ways we HELP.    

Donate Now to offer a creative, intimate outlet so that Veterans suffering from PTSD can experience post-traumatic growth.

2. Relieve Financial Burdens

A $100 Donation provides gas cards to relieve financial strain for service members making frequent trips for medical appointments.

"One less thing to worry about means you have that extra energy to put toward what's important."

~ Jennie Young, Caregiver and wife of Staff Sergeant Alan Young. 

Donate Now to relieve financial burdens for more veterans and their families.

3. Offer Hope through Post-Traumatic Growth

A $300 Donation can inspire recovery through Art Therapy. 

Art Therapy saves lives by offering service members a positive outlet and an opportunity to connect with others; accelerating physical, emotional and mental rehabilitation. 

Learn more ways we offer hope through post-traumatic growth HERE.  

Donate Now to offer a creative, intimate outlet for more transitioning Veterans.

4. Relieve Pain with Recovery Through Sport 

A $500 Donation empowers recovery through sport with gear and race fees through Team Semper Fi.

For Army Sergeant Stefan who lost both his legs to an IED, turning to physical activity and “Recovery Through Sport” takes away the pain and the mental struggles.  For Stefan, the Semper Fi Fund’s Team Semper Fi has become a giant family and he finds strength from all the people around him who want to see him succeed. Learn more about Stefan’s determination and perseverance HERE.

Donate Now to equip more injured veterans pursuing recovery through sport. 

5. Provide a Sense of Purpose Through Apprenticeship

A $700 Donation can help an injured veteran find a meaningful trade, career or small business opportunity through Apprenticeship. 

"I have found a new lease on life through the Apprenticeship Program.  I can't wait to continue learning and hopefully one day soon, I can teach the next young apprentice."

~ Michael, Retired USMC Master Sergeant 

For Michael, retired USMC Master Sergeant, discovering the Semper Fi Fund’s Apprenticeship program has quite literally saved his life. While serving in the Marine Corps as a test Crew Chief
on the V22 Osprey Developmental Team, Michael experienced two traumatic brain injuries which left him with seizure disorders; making it it impossible forhim to take on a typical job.  With assistance from our Apprenticeship program, Michael has created his own home-based business called Leatherneck Leather Goods where he makes high quality custom leather goods. Learn more about Michael's recovery and transition HERE.

The Semper Fi Fund Apprenticeship Program empowers service members by developing mentoring relationships with leading industry experts. Learn more about this life-changing program

Donate Now to provide a sense of purpose for more transitioning Veterans.

6. $10,000 Toward a Handicap Accessible Vehicle Offers Independence for Injured Veteran

While deployed to Iraq, a bomb exploded under Josh’s vehicle. Five days later he woke up and learned that he had lost two friends and both of his legs in the blast. Thanks to the support and generosity of our donors, the Semper Fi Fund provided freedom and independence to Josh with a brand-new handicap accessible SUV and assistance to make the necessary adaptations for his house to be handicap-accessible. Learn more about Josh's recovery HERE. 

Donate Now to provide a sense of independence for more Injured Veterans. 

Until December 31st, The Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation has issued a Double Down for Veterans Challenge, matching all donations for double the impact on the lives of those we serve.