Ongoing Giving Opportunities: Business Tips from the Trenches – How to Succeed in Business Without an MBA

December 3rd, 2012

Author Chuck Tautman discloses 45 "Big Lessons" they don't teach in college. It is a quick, entertaining and educational read that will be enjoyed by all entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Business Tips from the Trenches  book cover

In Chuck Trautman's Business Tips From the Trenches, you'll discover:

– How learning what you "don't want" sets you up for success
– Why complacency can kill you and your dreams
– The high value of self-promotion
– Why the Golden Rule is the best business philosophy for all businesses
– Why surveys and focus groups suck
– How being "unpredictable" is a prime asset
– Why you should "shut up and listen"
– How being a customer service fanatic can make you rich

Please visit the website for more information or to order your copy. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Semper Fi Fund.