Semper Fi Fund assists with VSAT Program at Archi’s Acres™

The Semper Fi Fund is offering assistance for qualified wounded veterans to attend the Veterans Sustainability Agriculture Training™ (VSAT™) program at Archi’s Acres™ in Southern California as part of our Education and Career Transition Assistance program.

Archi’s Acres™ is a small-scale organic farm in North County, San Diego, established in 2007 by a decorated Marine Sergeant Colin and his wife Karen. Colin and Karen developed Archi’s Acres™ into a working, hydroponic, organic farm. Archi’s Acres™ is a pro-American, pro-Veteran company that utilizes innovative growing techniques to produce the highest quality, nutritious, great tasting, locally grown, organic food. The company’s goal is to augment and accelerate the agricultural revolution across America, in partnership with our military Veterans.

Archi’s Acres™ created the program, Veterans Sustainability Agriculture Training™ (VSAT™) to offer our combat veterans meaningful employment opportunities in the high growth industry

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of sustainable crop production. Their philosophy is to call up and redirect our Veteran’s attributes of leadership, tenaciousness, adaptability, as well as willingness to take on severe challenges, self-knowledge and appetite for the continual improvement.

The Semper Fi Fund is proud to support our Veterans as they continue to recovery and transition back into their communities!

Learn more about Archi’s Acres™ and Veterans Sustainability Agriculture Training™ on the company’s website. Or check out Archi’s Acres™ informational video, Turning Point.

You can also make a donation directly toward the VSAT™ scholarship program through the Semper Fi Fund website! Select “Yes” to make a donation for an event, and select Archi’s Acres VSAT scholarship from the drop-down menu.

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