San Francisco to Santa Barbara Run and Swim Raises Funds and Awareness

On September 23, six swimmers set out on a 339-mile relay swim down the California coast from San Francisco to Santa Barbara. The event was dedicated to raising funds and awareness to support the Semper Fi Fund and Night Train Swimmers. In addition, a team of runners started from the Golden Gate Bridge on September 26 and ran a nonstop relay, hoping to finish at the harbor in Santa Barbara to greet the swimmers upon arrival. However, the swim was called off short of the full distance due to excessive jellyfish stings. The Swimmers made it approximately 125 miles – an amazing accomplishment nonetheless.

Congratulations to all of the swimmers! Despite having to weather through a false-start caused by a mechanical problem on the boat that accompanied them, as well as enduring three full nights of intense jellyfish visitors, these brave men and women kept at it until it was no longer physically possible.

Congratulations also to all of the runners who successfully completed the run from San Francisco to Santa Barbara; 347 miles in 58:48:47.

Each participant in this event had the same humble attitude: for as much as our nation's brave service men and women have sacrificed, they stated that this was the least they could do to give back. Thank you for your encouraging spirits and your dedication to the Semper Fi Fund's mission!