SITREP: 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines Unit Reunion

Attention Warriors of 2/5 Weapons Company:

WPNS Co. 2

The time has come for us to reconnect, remember and celebrate together in honor of our accomplishments and those brothers we lost.  Our brotherhood will be executing a unit reunion on May 16-19, 2017.

All who served in OIF and were deployed from 2004-2005 or in 2007 deployment are invited to attend our event, which will be sponsored by the Semper Fi Fund as part of their all-inclusive unit reunion program.  General details are included below for your review as we embark upon the planning process for this historic event.

Your 2/5 Weapons Company Reunion Coordinators who have volunteered to lead the planning effort are: Anthony Juliano, Scott Bradley, Trey Colburn, and Ryan Norris

What do we need from you?

Register and Spread the word to our brothers!


Even if you are unsure whether or not you will be able to attend – REGISTER! Registration will help us estimate requirements and costs, and will help us provide the best experience possible for all who attend.

Any and all questions that you hard chargers may have should be directed to one of the previously mentioned brothers and/or on the Reunion Group Facebook Page.

How to contact us: Email us HERE

Our “5 Ws” SITREP:


Who: 2/5 Weapons Company Ramadi Vets (2004-2005 / 2007)

What: The best Unit Reunion you’ll ever attend….(No Joke)

Where: C Lazy U Ranch in Granby, CO –

When: The planning process takes 4-5 months to coordinate all the logistics and get the planning out of the way. With that said, we are planning for the event to take place on May 16-19, 2017 with checkin at 3:00 pm.

Why: We deserve the opportunity to reconnect with one another.  Activities will include a range of outdoor recreation from beanbags, bonfires and acoustic guitars; happy hours and meals together; and a variety of more challenging activities for those who have kept up the PT! Past units have held paintball tournaments, gone on boat cruises or rock climbing excursions, and have also demonstrated our commitment to continued service as Marines by connecting with our Gold Star families and local veterans from generations past.  We’ll have the opportunity to share stories and pictures with one another, catch up on how life has been treating us, and most importantly recharge our Marine brotherhood for the years ahead.

Of course, there will also be old-school shenanigans and one hell of a good time remembering our brothers from Iraq who did not make it home via a memorial remembrance ceremony.

While having the opportunity to reconnect and reenergize our brotherhood, we will also be presented with actionable support resources through information sessions from experts in topics such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), as well as representatives from a variety of Veteran Service Organizations. The goal is to ensure every member of our 2/5 WPNS family has the skills and support they need to thrive in life after service.

At previous reunions hosted and sponsored by the SFF the units participants have been provided with USMC Flags, bottles/mugs, sleeping bags, and a new unit T-Shirt using the original artwork (Some of you have outgrown yours!).

This will be the experience of a lifetime and without you guys it will not be possible. What we need from the members is suggestions for a location and for you to actively monitor updates for information pertaining to this reunion.

As stated in a previous post, as our sponsor all event costs will be covered by the Semper Fi Fund. All we need from each member of our brotherhood is a commitment to attend with the intention of having a great time!

Thank you all for your commitment to our brotherhood and to this event.  Semper Fidelis and see you all soon!

Your help in funding this meaningful program is appreciated.

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