Recipe: Mini Tutti Fruitti Cakes

Phat Phoodies | February 14, 2018 | Link to Article

Aside from being a delightful Little Richard song, tutti frutti cakes are pretty darn tasty. And thanks to the Semper Fi Fund’s Apprenticeship Program, veterans can bake to their hearts’ content. That’s exactly what Luis and Olivia did, starting Joselle’s Bakeshop with the program’s help after Luis returned from war. The couple is making the road to recovery a delicious one.

Semper Fi Fund commits more than 90 cents of every dollar donated to service members and their families. It’s cool to see programs like this helping vets get back to civilian life, and if we can spread some more tasty food, well, that’s just the proverbial cherry (or strawberry, in this case) on top.

Luis and Olivia have a pretty yummy tutti frutti recipe – check it out below and have a decadent Valentine’s Day.


For cake and mousseline:

4 tablespoons of butter, melted
1/2 tablespoon of vanilla
5 large eggs
2 egg yolks
3/4 cups of sugar
3/4 cups of all-purpose flour

For toppings:

Your favorite buttercream recipe – this one is fantastic
1 cup of strawberries, sliced


1. Divide your cake in half to produce two even layers. Brush the bottom layer with simple syrup with vanilla.
2. Pipe corners and edges with Buttercream. Spread mousseline in the middle.
3. Place cut pieces of strawberries on top of the mousseline, and cover the strawberries with more mousseline.
4. Press down on the sponge. Brush again with the simple syrup on top of the sponge, then spread a thin layer of buttercream on top.
5. Place in the fridge to let it set. A couple of hours should be all you need.
6. Glaze the top of the cake, decorate with strawberries as well.
7. Cut the cake and serve!

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