SFF Kid's Camp Comes to a Close for Children of Injured Service Members


Camp Lejeune, NC – On Saturday, July 14, 2012 at 6:00 PM, the Semper Fi Fund's Kid's Camp Campers, Mentors, Parents, and Semper Fi Fund volunteers will meet to surprise campers who have just completed a week of camp with a closing dinner aboard Camp Lejeune. The dinner provides both campers and mentors with the opportunity to reflect on the weeklong adventure that encompassed skill building, camaraderie, and a plethora of fun activities for kids.

The 37 campers who attended this year's SFF Kid's Camp are children of critically ill, injured, or wounded service members, many of whom are attached to Wounded Warrior Battalion East, and other East Coast units. With about 200 parents and guests in attendance, the kids will have the chance to meet each other's families after sharing a special bond during their camp experience. Sloan Mundi, SFF volunteer, will be speaking on behalf of the Fund and will help to remind campers that the event signifies a close to the camp, as well as an opportunity for new beginnings.

Two years ago, Semper Fi Fund Founder and CEO, Karen Guenther began the Kid's Camp Program in an effort to fully support wounded service members and their families in their recovery and transition. Unfortunately, the stress experienced by the child of an injured or critically ill service member is sometimes overlooked. The SFF hopes to alleviate this stress by providing a week of growth through adventure, where campers are matched up with motivated high school student mentors. Local Camp Lejeune High School kids, as well as other high school children, were chosen this year to participate in the mentorship program. Mentors are sent to camp weeks ahead to prepare for the special skill-building activities that they will pass along to campers. Along with problem solving, group activities, and mentoring, campers and mentors alike form special bonds and relationships that are meant to provide both sets of children with a lasting relationship. Wendi Mundy, Case Manager for the Semper Fi Fund, explains that the closing dinner "is a vital ending to the Camp and exciting beginning to the rest of the school year for campers."

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What: SFF Kid's Camp Surprise Dinner for Campers/Mentors & Parents
When: 6:00 PM Saturday, July 14th, 2012
Where: Camp Lejeune High School Cafeteria, 835 Stone St.
Camp Lejeune, NC 28547

Contact: Colonel Tim Mundy, SFF Volunteer, (910) 750-2338

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