Injured Veteran Athletes Gear Up for Cowboy-Style Adventure


RANCHESTER, WY July 11, 2014 - Next week, from July 15 to July 18, the injured veterans of Team Semper Fi (TSF) and Team America’s Fund (TAmF) are saddling up for the adventure of a lifetime: for four days and three nights, these athletes will become cowboys, driving cattle through the mountains of Wyoming for the Doublerafter Cattle Drive.

TSF/TAmF members ride alongside professional ranchers from sunrise to sunset, driving cattle through the Big Horn Mountains. During the journey, service members and ranch staff will traverse over 50 miles of rugged terrain, to the cattle’s high summer range area. As ranch hands, they will spend over 12 hours in the saddle every day corralling cattle, leaving modern conveniences behind to embrace the cowboy way of life. Not only are no cell phones or electronics allowed, the group will carry supplies in covered wagons, bathe in creeks, eat meals cooked over an open fire and sleep among the stars in 1800’s style canvas wall tents and teepee tents.

Completely unplugged from the modern world, the service members will have a unique opportunity to get back to nature, bond with their horses, and build lasting friendships with ranchers and fellow teammates.

The group will set out from the foothills of East Pass Creek to the unforgiving trails of Little Horn Canyon. The trail grows very rough and narrow at Little Horn, where the group will climb up to elevations of over 9,000 feet to reach the Big Horn Mountains. After dropping cattle off at their ranging point in the mountains, riders will trek to their final destination, the nearby Bear Lodge Resort. Then, after a long week of hard work, the veterans will hang up their cowboy boots, bringing home new friendships, skills and fond memories that will help them on their road to recovery.

For more information contact Casey Fisher, p.760-213-8066, [email protected]

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