Post-Traumatic Growth Resource Videos

Our Mission is Critical. Our Duty is Clear.

In 2009 Semper Fi Fund produced “Cover Me,” a video that was a frank look at combat stress. Tens of thousands of “Cover Me” videos were given out to service members, military units and medical personnel. It continues to be viewed from our website. Many have asked the Fund to update the video and we listened:  “In Your Corner” has been produced to create a better understanding of PTS, its causes and effects, and, ultimately, powerful reasons for hope. Suicides continue to climb. There is so much work to do.

Offering Hope for Post-Traumatic Growth:

To continue the dialogue of hope, the Semper Fi Fund has produced the following video series to focus on specific issues to assist today’s post 9/11 service member. The topics of anger, disconnection, mental health, sleep and suicide are all addressed through poignant first-hand accounts from veterans, as well as advice and tips from subject matter experts.