Since its inception in 2004, Semper Fi & America’s Fund has been helping mitigate post-traumatic stress. In the aftermath of America’s longest war, support for those who have served and are currently serving remains critical.

Our Mission is Critical. Our Duty is Clear.

In 2009, Semper Fi & America’s Fund produced a video entitled “Cover Me,” a landmark study of the causes, effects, and treatment of combat stress. Viewed by tens of thousands of service members, their families, and medical personnel, it continues to be a leading educational experience available on our website. Many of you asked The Fund to update this vital message with the latest information and insights, and we have listened: A sequel called “In Your Corner” has been produced to create a better understanding of post-traumatic stress, its causes and effects, and, ultimately, to provide powerful reasons for hope.

Offering Hope for Post-Traumatic Growth

To continue the dialogue of hope, The Fund has produced an educational video series focused on specific issues to assist service members. Key topics including anger, disconnection, mental health, sleep, and suicide are addressed through authentic firsthand accounts from veterans, accompanied by advice and tips from subject matter experts.

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