“They Think About Us, That’s What I Love.”

Corporal Carlos

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Their Words Reflect the
The Fund's Experience

We are honored to support America's heroes, and proud to be appreciated as a trusted partner.

Their Words Reflect the<br/> The Fund's Experience

This is a group of people that does whatever they can to help you out, from financial help to moral support or a shoulder to cry on or an ear to talk to.

Semper Fi & America’s Fund helped to restore hope in our lives, always treated us with respect, not pity, and encouraged us to live a full life again.

When I was injured and stuck in the hospital, I had everything team-related taken away from me. “Getting to play helped me a ton. You not only get to be on a team, you get that camaraderie in the locker room, which is huge.

Rico Roman, Service member
Team Semper Fi

I appreciate you so much and I’m crying tears of joy because in a vulnerable state, at my weakest moment and on the brink of giving up, God put a light at the end of the tunnel and it was you.

I cannot say how thankful I am for the help. I feel better as father and husband, being able to work with my hands. Thank you again.

THANK YOU for the cooling mattress pad and pillows along with the sleep kit! It is amazing! I was hopeful but had no idea it would work so great. He has been sleeping soundly and not waking at night!! Thank you so much for everything!

Between the Alph-Stim and Irlen eye glasses, my life has improved so dramatically! I can now enjoy a portion of the day physically with my son instead of laying in bed with a migraine or because of my back pain! I cannot use words to tell you how much this means to my family and I!

My years here have shown me what I can do with my life. I know that I can achieve any goal that I set. I can’t wait to become a mentor so that I can inspire kids the way my mentor has inspired me!

Child at Kids Camp

As a Marine I know how important the work is that Semper Fi Fund does. Thank you for all the support to my brothers and sisters.

Master Sergeant

God bless you and your outpouring of support for us caregivers. I came here depleted and am leaving refreshed and with a new hope – to know that I’m not alone, there is a community of support, and to not be afraid to ask for help. Thank you for being such a generous donor – your gift changes lives.

Thank you for connecting me with so many wonderful, talented, intelligent battle sisters who walk the same path as me. This weekend assured all of us that we are never alone.