Always Faithful

Lifelong Results.

Deeply inspired by the determination of Service members and their families to overcome, we take concrete steps to show them a new way forward: Post-Traumatic Growth.

How We’re Different

Minimizing overhead to achieve maximum results, we restore hope and revitalize lives.
CharityWatch A+ Rating for 9 consecutive years, 1 of only 2 veteran nonprofits
Charity Navigator 4-Star Rating for 9 consecutive years, achieved by only 3% of charities
Low Overhead Only 7% overhead since inception
Growth in Program Services 70% growth in Program Services over the past 5 years

A+ Charity Rating for
9 Years.

Impact Highlights

$3,673,000 grants for Caregiver Retreats.
$10,663,000 grants for Adaptive Home Modifications.
$7,318,000 grants for PTSD and TBI Therapeutic Devices
$3,313,000 grants for Service and Therapy Dogs.
$11,475,000 grants for Adaptive Equipment and Therapeutic Furniture.
$11,136,000 grants for Adaptive Vehicles.
$1,736,000 grants for PTSD and TBI Therapy.
$7,967,000 grants for Critical Illness Support.
$3,790,000 grants for Unit and Veteran Reunions.