Still in the Fight

May 28th, 2014

Still In The Fight takes you into the heart of 3 American heroes who have been severely injured in combat, and their rise physically & mentally to their new normal.

This film takes you on an emotional roller coaster of combat, compassion, patriotism, and healing. Still In The Fight portrays the true spirit of an American warrior, his love of country, and his road to recovery....Positive personal stories of wounded warriors that are now far from the battlefield, but are still in the fight.



The film stands for the positive side of recovery of our heroes, and will serve as a positive influence to other wounded warriors that have that road ahead.

Still In The Fight features 3 amazing young men: Lt. Jason Redman US Navy Seal; Msgt. Spanky Gibson United States Marine Corps; and Cpl Kyle Carpenter United States Marine Corps.

Their stories are incredibly inspiring, and truly dictate the mindset of todays military.

Proceeds from sales of the DVD will go to benefit America's Fund. To learn more and to purchase your copy, please visit: