Semper Fi Fund Founder Karen Guenther awarded Marine Corps Spouse of the Year 2013!

To date, the Semper Fi Fund has provided more than $72 million in assistance to over 9,100 injured or critically ill service members and their families, and it all started because of a few amazing women and their kind, open hearts. Karen Guenther – the President, Founder and CEO of the Semper Fi Fund – has been awarded Marine Corps Spouse of the Year 2013, and she is more than deserving of this honor! Her passion and dedication to our nation's service members and their families is inspiring and contagious. Thank you to all who voted in support of Karen!

Cpl Nick Beach and Karen_2012 Col Ripley

The Semper Fi Fund family is proud and honored to work with Karen in support of our nation's injured heroes, and we are excited to celebrate in her recognition as Marine Corps Spouse of the Year! Special thanks to those who helped spread the word and shared their support for Karen and the Semper Fi Fund. Here are just a few of the many reasons we heard why people chose to vote for Karen:

– Why am I supporting her? When Aaron’s old humvee hit an IED in 2009, the Semper Fi Fund is the reason his best friend’s Mom was able to take the time off from her job as a warehouse picker to be with him at San Antonio for two weeks until he passed away from his injuries. (She was fired from her job during that time, btw.) They were also the reason the VC’s Mom was able to take time off from her job as a waitress in Michigan to be with him for the months and months of burn care he needed. There are so many others who have benefited, and are benefitting – I see it at Walter Reed – but those two stories are the reason I donate, and the reason this woman I have never met will have my undying loyalty. THANK YOU, KAREN!!!

– I never ask you guys to vote for anything but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take a few seconds to vote for Karen for this honor. She is the founder of the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund which helps injured service members and their families through the most difficult experiences of their live. She is a dear friend of mine and a true American hero. Thank you.

An overall winner will be announced at the awards luncheon, May 9th, in Washington, District of Columbia. Whatever the outcome, we are forever grateful for your commitment to helping us spread the word about our critical mission of serving those who preserve our freedom!

For more information about this award, please visit the website.