Michelle Kinsella's Crazy Dream

For some runners, it’s an insatiable drive and the challenge of 26.2 miles. Others jokingly call it “pure insanity, but the best type.”

For Michelle Kinsella—it’s simply about love. Love for her Dad, and love for service members who are willing to sacrifice so much for the nation they’ve honorably served.

In 2008 Michelle Kinsella ran her first 5K.

In 2010 she ran her first Marine Corps Marathon and began fundraising for the Semper Fi Fund (SFF).

In 2014 she ran her first Boston Marathon.

In 2017 she ran her first New York City Marathon.

This year she is running two marathons in the month of October—The Chicago Marathon (Oct. 7) and The Marine Corps Marathon (Oct. 28) fundraising as a Semper Fi Fund Community Athlete.

Michelle Kinsella

"Just for the record, I love the Semper Fi Fund and everything they do for our injured service members!" #SupportThroughSport

Michelle Kinsella

"What’s your crazy dream? Raise $250,000 for the Semper Fi Fund, it’s only crazy til you do it!"

“This month will be my 15th and 16th marathons. It is amazing to see how much I have changed over the past 10 years. I am stronger physically and emotionally. Socially, I am the same—still rather chatty, but now I can run and talk at the same time.”

In 2010, Michelle started her team `Just Because' with two members—now there are 30! After deciding to run her first Marine Corps Marathon, she started looking at the list of charitable organizations and read about the Semper Fi Fund. Michelle said she knew immediately that the SFF was the one for her. Fast forward 10 years, and now she is determined to reach the team’s fundraising goal of $250,000. “As of October 2, 2018, we are $16,772 away from this goal. We will hit our goal. I can feel it!”

Michelle’s motivation is personal. Her father is a Vietnam Veteran. She grew up watching him suffer and cope with the invisible wounds of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). “I understand the heartaches war can cause a person and their family. Being able to help other veterans, and specifically Marines, when they need it the most makes it that much more meaningful to me and also to my father.”

Putting on an SFF shirt or jacket never gets old for Michelle. “I am proud to be part of the Semper Fi Fund family. I couldn’t imagine not being part of this amazing organization. I am able to spread the word about how the SFF makes a difference in the lives of injured service members and their families. No veteran should be forgotten—we must help in every and any way possible. I choose to run to raise awareness.”

When asked why, after 8 years, she continues to #RunWithTheFund to #SupportThroughSport, Michelle said the answer is simple.

“I feel it in my soul; it is what I am supposed to do. It makes me happy.”

Want to help Michelle reach her “crazy dream?”

Her team “Just Because” is only $14,000 away from their $250,000 fundraising goal.

Support their efforts here