Matt’s Road to Recovery… a note from the wife of MAJ Matt Smith, USA:

It is no surprise to me that The Semper Fi Fund was started by a military spouse. Just as we needed it most, Americas Fund (an off shoot of Semper Fi Fund, for the other military branches) came to our side.

We had not been at Walter Reed a week when a representative from Americas Fund stopped by Matt’s room and introduced themselves and left a packet for us to look over. This is a very overwhelming time with people constantly in and out introducing themselves, offering help, and asking what you need. We were confused and scared and not sure what we needed and very unaccustomed to receiving help from others. America’s Fund understood that and asked nothing of us but to fill out a small form describing Matt’s injury. Something in the information appealed to me and made me think this organization gets it, they really care and understand. We filled out the form with no knowledge of what would come from it. What came was a check within a week to help with the incidentals of such a major life transition. No strings attached, no questions asked of what we needed it for (they get that you can’t foresee your needs at such a uncertain and frightening point.) Amazed at the generosity we thanked them and assumed their part in our recovery was complete. Helped a Wounded Warrior, check. Not at all.
When we transitioned to outpatient the apartment was not set up for children, especially small children. There was one twin bed in the second bedroom and we had to put Charlie in a pack n play. In steps Americas Fund offering to buy him a bed. They told me to pick one and they would purchase it for us. I told them Charlie’s sleeping arrangements were fine, again uncomfortable receiving charity and also feeling others may need funds more desperately. So as not to make me uncomfortable but wanting things to be more comfortable for Charlie they slipped a check under our door with a note that just said “for a toddler bed.” This may seem like a small thing and many may think ” just go buy a toddler bed, they’re not that expensive.” And to most they are not but our reality is that we’ve moved three times in the past year. We have a fully furnished house sitting in New York empty, basically being used as storage. We didn’t really want to spend the couple hundred dollars on something we own already and will have to get rid of when we leave here. And our situation is different than most here at Walter Reed. My husband is 14 years into his military career. Most injured soldiers at Walter Reed have only been alive 18 or 20 years. A couple hundred dollars means the A LOT.

matt_smith_family2So as I said in the beginning, I am not surprised this organization was started by a military spouse. Most of the immediate needs our family has had since Matt’s injury have been met by a military spouse. It’s what we do as a community. We come together, we see a need, we meet it. Whether we’ve known you for years or just met you. I’m so glad I met Americas Fund and that they are now part if our military family.

If you want to donate to an organization that truly helps Wounded Warriors and their families my suggestion would be Americas Fund and Semper Fi Fund.

Here is a link to an article about the founder of Semper Fi Fund.

The above note was posted on Major Smith’s Facebook Page “Matt’s Road to Recovery” on September 6, 2013 and can be seen here: