An incredible family has chosen to give to the Semper Fi Fund in memory of their brother who wished to remember those who serve. Thanks to them, we are able to facilitate the growth of some new programs. Learn about the new ways we are helping our heroes:

Veteran 2 Veteran (V2V) is all about veterans helping veterans. Veteran Leads work closely with Veteran Integrated Service Networks and DistrictV2V program Injured Support Coordinators to make sure service members are connected to their local resources. It takes a motivational – and personal – approach to helping service members.

“The V2V program is an entirely new concept. It’s powerful – and absolutely effective – mentoring program that makes a real difference in the way service members are able to successfully transition from military to civilian life.” That’s how Brandon Pelletier, V2V Program Lead, enthusiastically describes the program.

“So many service members feel like they’re alone, like there’s no path forward. For someone who has made that journey to be able to step up and say – from personal experience – ‘this is how I traveled my path forward,’ that’s a profoundly powerful thing to be able to do.” Each Veteran Lead helps 150 to 200 service members, and each service member’s needs are specific and unique. “This generation of service members will be set up for success because of this program.”

“Special thanks to the incredible generosity of one very special family for helping to provide funding for this important program in memory of their brother who wished to remember whose who serve.”

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