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Cover Me Comments and Forewords

  • Victoria Lemle Beckner, Ph.D.

    Clinical Psychologist and Researcher

    University of California at San Francisco

    "Combat Stress is a normal human response to the extraordinary challenges that face every Marine. When a person is confronted with a series of intense, life-threatening experiences during war, there is always a powerful psychological response that he or she cannot control, and which deeply affects the brain and mind. The good news is that over the last decade or so, we have developed a number of short-term interventions for Combat Stress that are proven to be very effective. We know how to help individuals tap into their natural resiliency and heal from these wounds. But the key is to get help sooner, rather than later, before the symptoms and problems become entrenched. COVER ME is about making sure Marines help themselves and each other to address Combat Stress before it turns into a more serious condition. This is how Marines can remain strong and healthy for their family and fellow Marines."

  • Norman Lloyd

    Director, Producer, Cameraman

    "I spent 35 years filming Soldiers and Marines in battle in America's wars for CBS News and 60 Minutes, with Ed Bradley. We covered the wars from Vietnam to Iraq. From personal experience, I know that Combat Stress among our Nation's warriors is an issue. When Maj. Gen. Mike Myatt asked me to make this film, I felt we could produce something to help. This film is aimed for Marines and Sailors, who served with Marines, and their families. Watch this, share this film. Let's help each other."

  • Major General Mike Myatt USMC (ret)

    Board of Directors

    Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund

    "Many of us who have seen war are familiar with Combat Stress. Now we're seeing many of our young warriors returning from Iraq and Afghanistan experiencing similar symptoms. We are racking our brains to find ways to help. When Norman Lloyd suggested a documentary to explain Combat Stress, the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund asked him to make this film. I believe you will be proud of the product, proud of the IMSFF for pushing for the film... and proud of the Marine Corps for taking such a positive stance in participating in this project. I also believe the film will make a positve difference."

  • Loma K. Flowers, MD

    Clinical Professor of Psychiatry

    President, Equilibrium Dynamics (EQD)

    "Combat Stress is a normal human reaction to combat experience, but it's unpredictable and invisible. It is difficult to identify in yourself and others, but you can learn to recognize it. "Cover Me" shows you people who have experienced Combat Stress themselves or have served or worked with others who have. Marines are trained to stay in the fight. Cover Me will help teach Marines when to take time out to recover their emotional balance and combat readiness, or even occasionally move on with their lives. You'll hear about nightmares, anxiety, irritability and insomnia; you will see that it's bad when you lose someone but often worse after redeployment, when least expected; that rank is no protection; and talking to folks who understand is your strongest defense. Knowing the symptoms and understanding the characteristic signs may save a career or a life - yours or that of someone you love or respect."

  • Karen Guenther

    Founder & Executive Director

    Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund

    "Assisting with Combat Stress is vital in helping Marines, Sailors, and their families cope with post-deployment issues. We are proud to be a part of this effort.

    After viewing "Commitment and Sacrifice", a film based on an Army unit's experiences in Vietnam and Iraq, by Award winning producer, Norman Lloyd, the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund quickly realized that a documentary addressing combat stress needed to be made specifically for OEF/OIF Marines, Sailors, and their families.

    The purpose of "Cover Me" is to increase awareness of combat operational stress, so that service members and their families are able to deal openly with post deployment issues. "Cover Me" addresses the effects of combat stress and informs veterans that combat stress is a normal response. Key messages in the film are taking care of each other and asking for help if needed.

    The film's title and its contents reflect the Marine Corps' belief of "taking care of their own" as its leadership steps forward in the film to address combat stress directly with in-depth interviews from: General James T. Conway (Commandant of the Marine Corps); General James N. Mattis (Commander, US Joint Forces Command); Sergeant Major Carlton W. Kent (Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps); Sergeant Major Evans McBride and additional interviews of Marines and Sailors who have experienced combat operational stress. The wide range of interviews reflects the Marine Corps' dedication to ensuring that the welfare of their fellow Marines is enhanced through a greater understanding of combat operational stress.

    For questions related to combat operational stress, please call the Wounded Warrior Regiment Call Center at 1-877-487-6299. The Regiment has a Psychological Heath Team with licensed clinical consultants on call 24hours, 7 days per week.

    To our service members and families - I hope you take the time to watch this DVD, and that you find it helpful. As a nurse, I know how vital this information is to you and your families. Please reach out if you or someone you know needs help. Help is within your reach, whether it's your Chaplain, unit commanders, or through the mental health teams. As you watch the video, you will see that General Conway, General Mattis, Sgt Major Kent, and Sgt Major Evans McBride say that getting help is the right thing to do."

  • Joseph L. Galloway

    War Correspondent 1965-2006

    Co-author: "We Were Soldiers Once... and Young" and "We Are Still Soldiers"

    "Not all of the wounds suffered in combat can be stitched up and covered with a bandage. Norman Lloyd and the leaders of the Marine Corps have taken a big step forward in recognizing that Combat Stress can be such a wound and the pain can radiate outward to family, friends and brothers-in-arms."

  • General Alfred "Al" M. Gray USMC(ret)

    29th Commandant of the United States Marine Corps

    Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund

    "Marines, Sailors and family members: This documentary takes Combat Stress head-on. I urge you all to watch this film, and, if you feel you have symptoms or see another Marine with symptoms, seek help. It's all part of taking care of yourselves... and, more importantly, taking care of each other. Remember, if you or other warriors have these symptoms, talk about it - it's okay if you're not okay!"

  • Dr. Heidi Kraft

    Combat Operational Stress and PTSD

    An interview with psychologist Dr. Heidi Kraft about the effects of Combat Operational Stress and PTSD.

  • Cover Me Video

    Cover Me

    Learn more about combat operational stress by watching our movie "Cover Me" and please review the important resources listed at the bottom of this page for help with combat operational stress and other Veteran needs.

    If you have difficulties viewing this and you would like to receive a free copy of "Cover Me" please e-mail our office, and a copy will be sent to you.