History of Team Semper Fi

“Recovery Through Sport”


At a Boston Red Sox game in September 2006, a wounded Marine became the motivating force for the creation of Team Semper Fi (TSF). The young Lance Corporal was visiting Boston with the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund’s Founder, Karen Guenther, during a break from his hospital rehabilitation. The Marine had completed a combat tour in Iraq and was recovering from injuries that included double amputation of his lower extremities.


When he talked about training for a 150-mile bike ride he “glowed” with anticipation, joy and excitement. His enthusiasm to be able to compete in an athletic event again, was a truly inspirational moment and the concept of Team Semper Fi was born.


In late September, shortly after that Boston trip, the idea was presented to the wounded Marines at Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC), San Antonio’s burn and amputee center. Without hesitation, many service members signed up to be on the team. The BAMC Marines and Sailors proudly named the group Team Semper Fi.


The Charleston, South Carolina community welcomed TSF with open arms in March 2007 for the Cooper River Bridge Run, the first of many events to come. The team completed ten events during their first year, including triathlons, marathons and an adventure race. Semper Fi Fund supporters, staff and volunteers watched enthusiastically as TSF touched hearts across the United States!


Today, the team continues to grow and provide inspiration at events across the country. Going into the future, we believe that the team will reach new heights as it competes on the world stage and several of its members work towards Olympic goals.

The Semper Fi Fund is proud of Team Semper Fi and its many accomplishments, and we cherish the motivation and inspiration they provide to those facing similar challenges across the globe! The camaraderie, the inspiration and the courage behind this team is truly extraordinary.