Sharing our Stories: Lance Corporal Ronny Porta

On May 7, 2007, longtime friend of the Semper Fi Fund, Lance Corporal Tony “Ronny” Porta, sustained severe injuries as a result of an IED blast while conducting operations in Al Anbar Province, to include the amputation of his right arm and 65% body burns to his upper body. Ronny was in very critical condition when he first arrived at Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC) in Texas, and the Semper Fi Fund immediately stepped in to assist Ronny’s family. We provided family support grants to fill the gap caused by lost wages so that Ronny’s family could focus entirely on the recovery process.

The Semper Fi Fund is devoted to providing a lifetime of assistance for the life-long needs of our nation’s heroes, like Ronny. Over the past five years, Ronny has undergone over 120 surgeries, and the Semper Fi Fund has been there every step of the way.

Ronny Porta with his dad
Ronny Porta with his dad

We provided several grants to Ronny and his family to ensure the best quality of life possible for them. We assisted with grants for home adaptations that have made Ronny’s daily life a little bit easier, such adding a water softener to Ronny’s shower to help take pressure off of his skin. We also purchased a computer with dragon speaking software since Ronny’s fingers are too sensitive to type. The Semper Fi Fund has continued to provide family support grants to relieve the family of added financial burdens such as travel to and from the hospital or appointments, lost wages, mortgage payments, etc., because we know how important family is, especially during difficult times.

Ronny was medically retired on February 28, 2012. He currently lives in San Antonio, but is trying to sell his house because he plans to move to Maryland. He needs to move out of the region with the sun because his skin has gotten darker, which makes him prone to skin cancer, and because there are several infections he is at risk for due to the fact that he is sensitive to sweat. Ronny is currently continuing speech therapy and hopes to attend school soon.

On May 10th of this year, Ronnie and his fiancée welcomed their new baby boy into the world – Kenneth Charles Porta, named after two of Ronny’s heroes and friends. Congratulation Ronny, and thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your service and your sacrifice!

Ronny Porta and his family
Ronny, his fiancée, and their son.