Sharing our stories in honor of Veterans Day: Gunnery Sergeant Brian Meyer

In March 2011, Gunnery Sergeant Brian Meyer was deployed as a Staff Sergeant when he was injured by an IED blast that resulted in the complete amputation of his right hand and leg, and amputation of the thumb and index finger on his left hand. Despite the severity of his injuries, Brain is amazingly positive and refuses to let his injuries keep him from living a rich and fulfilling life.

Brain and his wife, Jesseca, are residents of Oceanside, California, and they have a Great Dane named Veritas who means the world to them. When Brian decided that he would greatly benefit from the use of a service dog, he decided that he wanted Veritas to be that dog. Unfortunately, the cost of training a personal pet is much greater than the cost of purchasing a trained service dog. The Semper Fi Fund has assisted Brian with the expense of training Veritas so that he can focus on his recovery with the help of his companion and without the added financial stress of canine training programs. Learn more about the Semper Fi Fund’s areas of assistance, such as the Tim and Sandy Day Canine Companion Program that allowed for us to train Veritas.

Brian and Jesseca Meyer
Brian and Jesseca Meyer, and their dogs. Veritas is on the right.

Brian is doing well, and he is currently preparing to transition out of the Marine Corps. He is attending the Veterans Sustainability Agriculture Training (VSAT) program at Archie’s Acres, courtesy of the Semper Fi Fund, as part of his transition. Brian has said that he is really enjoying the course and is getting a lot of knowledge out of it.

However, the most exciting update for Brian is the new flooring throughout his home. The Semper Fi Fund recently offered Brian a home grant that enabled him to purchase new non-slip porcelain tile flooring. As an amputee, Brian says he used to worry about slipping, and has actually fallen before. That is no longer a problem for him. Now Brian can easily move around his home and can get up and down the stairs without worry.

The Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund has been integral in my recovery in several aspects. While my medical needs were being attended, the Semper Fi Fund was anticipating my future needs as well as the needs of my family and support network. When you are put in a situation where your life is turned upside down, you don’t even know what your needs are, and before it even became an issue it was taken care of by the Semper Fi Fund. Family members that would have had not normally been able to drop everything on short notice were able to overcome those obstacles; lost wages were compensated, flights were booked and lodging arrangements covered.

My vehicle was adapted to suit the needs of my service dog. Training was arranged to train the family dog as my service dog. Semper Fi was able to pull us away from the grind of recovery and treat us to Padres baseball games and other much needed distractions. Not only was it a needed distraction but also time to reconnect with friends and family. Semper Fi Fund knows that the spouse is as strained, if not more so, than the injured, and has relaxed my wife with very luxurious spa days were she also connected with wives in similar situations.

The Semper Fi Fund continues, even a year after my injury, to anticipate my needs as well as the needs of fellow wounded warriors. The fund will always have my deepest gratitude for not only how I was cared for but how my support network was cared for.

Very respectfully,

Brian T. Meyer

Thank you, Brian! Today, Veterans Day, we remember and honor the service and sacrifice of our nation’s service members, like Brian. We are forever grateful for your dedication to our country.