Sharing our stories in honor of Veterans Day: Corporal Todd Love

Marine Corporal Todd Love is a third-generation Marine who served in Afghanistan with the 1st Recon out of California. On October 25, 2010, Todd was the point man on a foot patrol when he triggered an IED. He suffered the loss of both his legs above the knee and had severe damage to his left hand, resulting in amputation.

Todd retired from the Marine Corps on September 29th, and the Semper Fi Fund helped with a transition grant to relieve the financial pressure of adjusting back into civilian life. We purchased a keyboard so Todd can pursue his interest in music, which also serves as a therapeutic outlet.

Todd Love at the Lt. Dan Band Fundraiser

Todd has returned to his hometown in Georgia to enjoy the next chapter of his life after the military. He is considering a few job opportunities as a motivational speaker.

On Saturday, November 3rd, The Building for America’s Bravest Program hosted a concert with Gary Sinese and his Lt. Dan Band that helped raise funds and awareness in honor of Todd, and one other service member, who will receive “smart homes” built by the Tunnels to Towers Siller Foundation. The Semper Fi Fund works closely with the Siller Foundation, donating towards housing projects, and so we supported this build with a $25,000 grant in Todd’s honor!

Todd Love at the Lt. Dan Band Fundraiser

Lt. Dan Band Concert Fundraiser

The Semper Fi Fund also provided Todd with a vehicle grant towards the purchase of an adaptive vehicle so that he could regain his independence through easy mobility. Read the story.

Although this is the last story in our Veterans Day series, there are so many more service men and women who face daily challenges due to injury, both visible and invisible. The Semper Fi Fund is proud to offer a lifetime of assistance for life-long needs because we know that these injuries will last much longer than the war itself.

The Semper Fi Fund thanks you for your continued dedication to these brave men and women. It is only because of your donations and support that the Semper Fi Fund can continue to serve those who preserve our freedom. On behalf of the entire Semper Fi Fund family, thank you!