Sharing our stories in honor of Veterans Day: Chief Warrant Officer TaMarsh Thompson

Chief Warrant Officer (CWO3) TaMarsh Thompson is an Apache helicopter pilot in the United States Army and has been serving his country for eighteen years. TaMarsh was on his fourth deployment to Afghanistan serving in the line of duty when he was involved in a helicopter crash on March 22, 2012 and sustained a severe traumatic brain injury.

TaMarsh was surrounded by his loving family from the time he arrived at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. Within a few days of their arrival, America’s Fund representatives met with the Thompson family and offered financial assistance. America’s Fund, the new program administered by the Semper Fi Fund, was proud to assist the Thompson family with the costs of travel so that they could be relieved of financial burdens and focus on their loved one’s recovery.

TaMarsh Thompson

TaMarsh’s mother, Janice, was able to remain by her son’s bedside and devoted herself entirely to his care and recovery. Kareen, his sister and an active duty Army soldier, made frequent trips to offer her brother loving support.

TaMarsh has three children, a sixteen-year-old son, a ten-year-old daughter, and seven-year-old son, all of whom have been able to visit their father during his recovery process. Having his family by his side has provided precious support and encouragement that TaMarsh needed on his road to recovery, and America’s Fund is glad to have been able to assist TamMarsh and his family throughout this journey.

TaMarsh is currently continuing his recovery at the Polytrauma Rehabilitation Center in Tampa, Florida. His mother, Janice, remains at his bedside, and his sister and children continue to make visits in support of his recovery. On a daily basis, TaMarsh makes improvements such as building physical strength, speaking words, and attempting to write. Although he has certainly faced setbacks, TaMarsh continues to push forward. His family is thankful for the support that America’s Fund has given them.
TaMarsh Thompson

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