Sergeant Shurvon Phillip: A Close Friend of the Semper Fi Fund

Sergeant Shurvon Phillip was finishing a patrol and returning to base in his HUMVEE when it was hit by an IED in May of 2005. All service members in the vehicle were injured, but Shurvon’s injuries were the most severe. He suffered a broken left leg, lung blast, six broken ribs, and his jaw was broken in four places. Six days after the incident, Shurvon’s brain was deprived of oxygen, resulting in his traumatic brain injury. Shurvon is now paralyzed and unable to communicate with speech.

Shurvon Phillips
Shurvon, on deployment before injury.

Over the years, Shurvon has made progress and is now able to sit up in a chair and lift one of his arms, although each movement requires much concentration and effort. Shurvon continues with weekly therapy at the VA in Ohio, where he lives with his Mom, Gail. Gail is Shurvon’s primary caregiver and has been by his side 24/7 since his injury. She has given hope and faith to Shurvon throughout his long recovery. At the time of his injury she was working full-time, but after spending two weeks with Shurvon she realized that her new full-time job was caring for her son.

Shurvon has received ongoing assistance from the Semper Fi Fund over the years, such as vehicle grants and family support, and assisting Gail through her own surgery so that she could recover quickly and return to daily care of her son. Our nation’s brave service members, like Shervon, become a part of the Semper Fi Fund family, and that is why we gladly provide continuous support for life-long needs to ensure that they are never alone or forgotten.

The Semper Fi Fund has helped Shurvon and I in those very dark days with paying my bills and rent, and because of this I was able to stay be my son’s bedside seven days a week, 24 hours a day. When I cried, they were there…Thank God for the Semper Fi Fund – they were, and still are, a great help. When Shurvon needed his handicap wheels, the Semper Fi Fund was there. They were there when I needed to get some much needed sleep, providing overnight care for Shurvon. They make our new life a little easier. Thank you SEMPER Fi Fund. – Gail Ulerie

Shurvon and Gail Phillips
Shurvon and his mother, Gail.

Shurvon Phillips in his van