Sergeant Eddie Wright, USMC

On April 07, 2004, Sergeant Eddie Wright was struck by a rocket-propelled grenade during an ambush in Fallujah, Iraq. The citation for Eddie’s Bronze Star, with Valor Device, reads:

Eddie Wright before and after injury
Sergeant Eddie Wright before his injury in Iraq (left) and after his injury recovering at the hospital (right).

“…Despite losing both hands and sustaining severe injuries to his leg, Corporal Wright was the epitome of composure, understanding the severity of his own injuries, he calmly instructed others on how to remove the radio, call for support, and render first aid. He also pointed out enemy machine gun emplacements to his fellow Marines assisting in the demise of 26 enemies killed in action…”

After months of recovery and rehabilitation, Eddie was promoted to Sergeant and later returned to active duty – the first double-amputee to serve on active duty – as an instructor at TBS Quantico, VA, where he remained until he was medically retired in 2006. Throughout his recovery process, the Semper Fi Fund assisted Eddie with family support grants, adaptive housing and vehicle grants, as well as the purchase of a computer for school.

After retiring, Eddie settled in Conroe, Texas where he met and fell in love with his wife, Cody. The couple now have three children. Eddie spends his time enjoying his family and friends as much as possible while attending school full time.

Eddie Wright and his children at their home


Eddie Wright feeding his daughter, Claire.
Eddie using his prosthetic arm to feed his young daughter, Claire.


The Wright Family