Sergeant Corey Kent: “It’s totally life-changing”

Posted on April 7, 2016

“Knowing that in a few months I’m gonna be completely independent is a game-changer. It’s totally life-changing.”

Sergeant Corey Kent was speaking with us just one day before the February 18, 2016, groundbreaking for his new fully accessible home in Cape Coral, Florida. This young man lost both his legs and all the fingers on his left hand to an improvised explosive device on July 10, 2010–just three weeks after arriving in Afghanistan.Sergeant Corey Kent

The Semper Fi Fund, through its program America’s Fund, has given a $50,000 grant toward Corey’s new home, which is being built by the Siller Foundation. The Fund has been working with Corey for several years, with previous support including an Action Trackchair.

Right now, I’m living in a small addition on my parents’ house in Cape Coral,” Corey explained. “The new house will be on the other side of town. I’m in this little addition, which was fine when it was just me, but I met my girlfriend who is now my fiancee, and it’s tight quarters.”

The new house will provide Corey with more space and a level of accessibility he doesn’t have now, providing him with a quality of day-to-day living that is a significant step up from what he’s experiencing today.

I didn’t know that organizations like the Semper Fi Fund and America’s Fund even existed,” Corey said. “When they started coming around, I started seeing how generous people are, and how much thought and effort went into how to help wounded guys like me. The fact that organizations like this and people like this exist is something I never knew.” Sergeant Corey Kent

America’s Fund and the Semper Fi Fund are one of the few that stand out to me. The fact that they are so involved is just amazing.”

Looking to the future, Corey sees himself happy and settled–“I will be in my new home, married by then, and hopefully with a couple of kids”–and has clearly learned to face that future with determination and a positive frame of mind.

I know one of the biggest things I learned being at Walter Reed is you don’t have time for self-pity. Get out there, take it a day at a time, and take things head-on.”

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