Blog: Marine GySgt Brian Meyer overcomes injuries with positive attitude!

A year after his injury, triple amputee Marine Gunnery Sergeant (GySgt) Brian Meyer is well known for his great attitude.  “We have no delusions about what we do,” he says, “injuries are part of it.  You make your peace with God and accept it.  It’s part of the job. “  Brian believes that “hard work at physical therapy and a positive attitude will see you through.” 

GySgt Meyer was injured March 14, 2011 while engaged in combat with enemy forces in Afghanistan.   His injuries resulted in the amputation of his right leg,  right hand, and the thumb and pointer finger of his left hand.


Brian Meyer in Afghanistan
Brian in Afghanistan

We asked how he has been able to maintain this positive focus during the recovery process.  Brian says he has been inspired by other service members who, having suffered similar injuries, came alongside him in the hospital, asked how he was doing and offered tips and encouragement.   He has also enjoyed being able to do the same for others he has met along the way.



Together with his own natural drive toward self improvement, this mutual network of support has motivated him to stay focused on the next steps toward recovery.  From the hospital bed, to the wheel chair, to prosthetics, Brian’s recovery has been hard won.   His desire to live an active, independent lifestyle at a job which encourages the freedom to take initiative originally inspired him to join the military, and now spurs him on towards recovery. 

This Memorial Day weekend, Brian is thankful for the generation of Vietnam Veterans who “trail blazed the path that I get to enjoy.   They often ask me if I’m being well taken care of and I appreciate that they have addressed issues related to benefits for veterans.”    On Memorial Day Brian will be thinking about and honoring Vietnam Veterans. 

Brian Meyer with prosthesis

Brian feels especially indebted to the Semper Fi Fund (SFF) for the support he and his family have received.     Assistance with travel, lost wages, vehicle modifications, and even training for his service dog  have eliminated financial stressors on Brian’s family, allowing him to focus on recovery with his family present as support.

Impressed with the proactive approach of the Semper Fi Fund, Brian shares “they understand that every situation is different and that one size doesn’t necessarily fit all when it comes to need and resources.  They stay in touch with you over the long term, asking how they can help and  anticipating what you will need before you even know you’ll need it or think to ask.”   

Looking forward to “getting out there” and volunteering for the Semper Fi Fund, Brian is enthusiastic about sharing their mission, and making sure that the SFF will be there to support the next generation of injured veterans.

Brian and Jesseca Meyer
Brian and Jesseca

Brian eloped with the love of his life, Jesseca, before his deployment, intending to celebrate their marriage with a ceremony upon his return.   The two have delayed their wedding for the past year, wanting to wait until Brian was strong enough to stand with his prosthetics and fully enjoy the entire event.  We are pleased to announce that that day has arrived! 

Brian and Jesseca will celebrate their union with a ceremony tomorrow, May 27th, 2012!  Please join us in wishing them a long and happy marriage! 

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