Josh: From the Business Room to the Battlefield to Recovery

On 9/11 Josh was working in corporate America, but the events of that fateful day caused something to click inside him, and two years later on Sept. 12, 2003, Josh followed in his father’s footsteps when he enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps. In 2004, at 27 years old, Josh was off to boot camp.

October 2006, while deployed to Fallujah, Iraq a bomb exploded under Josh’s vehicle. Five days later he woke up and learned that he had lost two friends and both of his legs in the blast. He spent two years of extensive rehabilitation recovering at Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. He currently has 32 pins in his hip and a 6-inch screw holding his pelvis together.

“My fellow Marines got me to the hospital in time to save my life, but it had been changed forever. The Marines immediately returned to duty, and I was left to recover in the hospital. That is when the Semper Fi Fund came not only to my aid, but that of my family, too. My family was in disarray while I was still fighting for my life, and the Fund took care of all travel details so my family could concentrate on me.”

Thanks to the support and generosity of our donors, the Semper Fi Fund provided Josh with a brand-new handicap accessible SUV and assistance to make the necessary adaptations to make his house handicap-accessible.