HM3 James Raffetto –” Steadfast Support” for a Hero and His Family

Raffetto James Afghanistan pre injury

HM3 James Raffetto has an infectious passion for the Navy, the Marines, and his family.

James worked with the Marines of 1st Recon out of California and bravely supported his Marine unit in Afghanistan until he was injured himself. In August 2010, an IED blast caused injuries that resulted in the amputation of both of his legs above the knee, the amputation of his left arm at the elbow, and the amputation of three fingers on his remaining right hand. Now, not even a year since his injury, James is standing tall on his C-Legs, his newest prosthetics. They allow him to stand beside his friends and family, including his wife, Emily.

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James and Emily celebrated their first anniversary in February, and have recently moved to an apartment with their dog. As they wait to hear the results of James’ recent advancement exam, they continue to plan for their future. They regularly visit NNMC Bethesda to share their experiences and spread hope to other wounded service members and their loved ones.

Emily feels that she has found the balance of offering James assistance and knowing when he can be independent. She says, “James is thrilled about his new C-Legs. The Semper Fi Fund has done so much for us since James was injured. At that time, I had no idea what our lives were going to be like in the future, let alone our finances. The Semper Fi Fund was the first and has remained the most steadfast and consistent in providing us with financial and emotional support. We have received no less than four generous grants for various reasons, and have attended three Semper Fi Fund events.”