Please meet one of our beautiful Semper Fi & America's Fund children, Bruce, and his amazing family. Bruce, at 5 years of age, was diagnosed with ALL leukemia. His dad, an active duty Sergeant in the Marine Corps, was serving at the time in Yuma, Arizona. In Bruce’s dad’s own words:

“The ... Fund has helped us in ways that most can’t imagine. In September of 2015 our youngest son Bruce was diagnosed with Pre B ALL leukemia (he was 5 at the time). The words 'your child has cancer' is horrifying in itself, now factor in that the closest hospital to treat your child is about 200 miles away.

The Fund stepped in and made what could have been bankrupting for our family, a doable situation.

They provided gas and food gift cards, fixed the car that helped get us to Phoenix for our son’s treatment and many other things. The Semper Fi Fund made it so we could concentrate on our baby and his fight with Leukemia. They helped take the major financial burden off of us. We can’t thank you enough!”