Cpl. Todd A. Nicely highlighted in Washington Post: On Veterans Day, honoring Marine who lost limbs in Afghanistan, but not spirit

By Michael E. Ruane – Washington Post Staff Writer – November 11, 2010 @ 9:28 AM

Washington, DC – “The morning that Marine Cpl. Todd A. Nicely received his medal for valor, he and his wife, Crystal, paused in a restroom at Walter Reed Army Medical Center to pull the trousers of his uniform over his artificial legs.
Crystal maneuvered his pants past the carbon fiber feet. Then they fitted the prostheses onto the stumps of Todd’s legs.
He put on his tan utility shirt, which she buttoned, attached his artificial left arm and slipped his metal pole crutch onto the stump of his right arm. When he donned his camouflage Marine Corps hat “low on the brow,” he was ready.”

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