Cpl. Justin McLoud USMC

Cpl Justin McLoud is a young Marine from Missouri, a husband and a proud father of his newborn son. He had already completed two deployments to Afghanistan and was preparing for his third tour when his son was born. He was able to spend the first 10 days of his new born son’s life with him and then he deployed.

Cpl. Justin McLoud, his wife and their newborn son.

Justin was three months into his third tour when he stepped on an IED on December 10, 2010. When the blast occurred he lost both of his legs above the knee and severely fractured his left arm. However, due to the extent of the damage to his arm he opted to amputate it above the elbow on Christmas Eve.

Justin is a proud dad and one of the most important aspects of his life that helps motivate him in his recovery is being able to help raise his son. He doesn’t want his wife to have to take care of their baby and him by herself. He looks forward to being an active dad with his son, and being there for him as he gets older. Together, they will be taking baby steps towards a promising future.

Cpl. Justin McLoud and his newborn son.

As they begin their journey of recovery and rebuilding their lives, Justin and his wife will be looking to their families for help. Justin himself comes from a young family, with two younger brothers who are 18 and 13. So far, the generous support of our donors has allowed the Semper Fi Fund to help keep Justin’s wife and mother at his bedside; provide travel assistance for visiting family members; and help with family support grants to offset the mounting costs of childcare expenses.

As Justin and his family continue on in his recovery, the Semper Fi Fund will be standing by ready to help with the special adaptations that they may need to ensure that their quality of life is the best it can be.

Please join us in wishing Justin and his family a future filled with happiness and success!