Cpl Jose “Daniel” Gasca to receive new specially adapted home

El Paso, TX — On Friday, April 29, 2011 at 8:30 am Homes for Our Troops, Inc. will be kicking off a 3-day “Build Brigade” in which hundreds of volunteers will begin construction on a specially adapted home for injured El Paso Marine, Corporal Jose “Daniel” Gasca and his family.

Gasca Family Christmas 3 - 2008Gasca with son

The Semper Fi Fund has been at Cpl Gasca and his family’s side since his injury in 2008 and we are truly honored to be able to assist with the construction of his specially adapted home. The Semper Fi Fund will be providing an Adaptive Housing Support Grant of $25,000 to be used towards the cost of the home.

“Welcome Home” Cpl Gasca and family!

Download PDF of Cpl Jose Gasca Media Advisory for more info

Below is a letter from Cpl Jose D. Gasca, USMC to the Semper Fi Fund and all of our supporters:

September 6, 2008, was a day I will never forget. It was the day we got hit in Iraq by an IED and I lost both my legs, fractured my ribs and spine, and ruptured my spleen. It took three days for me to come back to the United States, the longest three days of my life. As I arrived at Bethesda Naval Hospital and got settled in the ICU, my wife walked in. It seemed like all the pain disappeared once I saw her. When you’re in so much pain and disbelief, there is always that one person who can put a smile on your face.

A couple days passed and people started coming in to visit me. A certain organization I remembered the most was Semper Fi Fund because not only were they concerned about my health but concerned about my family’s well being. As I started progressing and going through therapy it always seemed like the unexpected happened. It became stressful knowing we were going to have to move states and find new housing, but at times likes this the Semper Fi Fund came to us to offer their help. We felt blessed because when I’m trying to cope with my injuries and learning how to walk again, the last thing I wanted to think about is financial issues.

I’m in a stage in my life where I am going through medical boards and focusing on what’s for me and my family in the future. What kind of job am I going to have, where am I going to live, and is this house going to be handicap accessible? Semper Fi Fund has offered me a grant to make this happen. We are very grateful for all the opportunities they gave us, and how they are always there to take some weight off our shoulders. They made it possible for us to focus on the future and not have any worries. It’s a true blessing to have met the Semper Fi Fund family.

Thank you so much.
Cpl Jose D. Gasca