Sergeant Chris Fesmire, USMC (Ret.)

Born and raised in a Philadelphia suburb, Chris had just left Penn State when he decided to join the Marines. “I wanted to get out and see the world,” he said. “I wanted some excitement and adventure.”

On October 10, 2004, Chris was on security patrol in the al-Anbar Province of Iraq. It was his fourth deployment. The Humvee he was in hit an anti-tank mine and claimed both his legs.

“I was introduced to the Semper Fi Fund when I received a surprise grant one day at Walter Reed. I’ve received a lot of assistance over the last 9-1/2 years for things like adaptive sports equipment, a Tempur-Pedic bed to help with the pain, and grants to help with plumbing issues in my home.” The Semper Fi Fund also provided a grant towards the cost of building Chris’ home in beautiful Colorado




Chris has fallen in love with skiing since his injury. “Waylon Jennings sums it up best when he sings that ‘doers and thinkers say moving is the closest thing to being free.’ Out there on the slopes and trails, I am definitely moving, and it does impart a profound sense of freedom. When I’m out there, all the problems of the world melt away and I’m left concentrating on my next turn or cranking up the ridgeline a little more.”